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Running Ryan (FULL GAME)

The infinite running game that gets more intense the higher the score gets. Getting you addicted is what I aim for until you rage. Have fun, this is my first game ever made, so enjoy.

Instructions; -You can move forward and backwards in the air using the arrow keys.-You can move backwards on the ground.-Collecting the star adds 2500 to your score, making it more intense as you play.-Use the left mouse button to jump.-3 options at the start, 1 is to increase player size, 2 is to boost your score by 10k, 3 is to turn off double/2x jumpINFO;-No restart button as it restarts automatically.-No starting menu as I think it makes the game clunky after trying it, it feels better because it flows.-Do not smash anything.-The music intensifies as you get further and further.

Categoría: OTROS


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