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What is the meaning of life, dreams or words? Thinking about these millennial questions, this game is a "metaphorical platformer" that uses words instead of platforms. But combining mechanics and meaning, "Me" tells an insane story about The Pursuit of Happiness, And the experience is like a playable poetry,in a platonic sky, among the archetypes. At the same time it is also a fun platform game, reinventing the mechanics of this genre to give a new meaning to them.### Vote Greenlight for full game: ( =

space + arrows to play-Tips for collecting medals:#1 The font and name of the medal suggest where it is located#2 The End of Eternity medal only appears after you have collected all other medals#3 There is a secret ending (after credits) after you collect all the medals#4 lover came back medal: do exactly what the medal says #5 Rich Scrooge Medal: There is an unusual way of collecting the medal on the "trap" word without dying#6 The Abstinence medal is the opposite of the Drunken Butterfly medal.

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