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Zen Tree – Random Tree Generator

Zen Tree is a Random Tree Generator which as it's name: generates procedurally generates new random trees :DFor now it's just an experiment/quick prototype. I would like to develop it at least a bit more, but unfortunately I have Construct 2, which means that basically I can't build it for Android as I was doing earlier all the time... oh wait, of course I can buy a Consrtuct 3 subscription for a whole year, just to export my prototype game that would probably end as other games, giving me 5$ per year or sth... Coool Scirra!

Just MouseWhen growing: LMB to give direction to a rootAfter growing: LMB to cut branches etc., RMB to harvest fruits... idk whyWhenever: MMB to restart layout (grow a new random tree)

Categoría: OTROS


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