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Truck Hill Climb Game Template

This is not a complete game but just a demo of a game template being sold in the Scirra store.A game template in the genre of Hill Climb Racing. You can use this to create your own Hill Climb game. The truck is made up of physics components. You can climb up the hill by tapping or clicking any where on the right side of the screen. To brake, click on the left side of the screen. Select any of the 4 available trucks and go climb your hill!This game is also suitable for mobile devices.If you like this game template, you can get it by clicking on the link below :Get the game template( At the moment, the link above shows you my other game templates. Once Truck Hill Climb is approved by Scirra, I will amend the above link accordingly)

G forwards: Tap right side of screenGo backwards (braking) : Tap left side of screen

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