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Miner Dash

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Here is a good arcade game called Miner Dash which is made from pixel game art animation. Try to reach the earth's core within 30 days to win! You need to dig down deeper and collect precious elements and materials, t...

Horror Nights Story

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Do you ever feel like there are creatures lurking just behind you? Waiting to grab you? In Horror Nights Story this comes true! You must dig down and try to escape from the evil creatures that are following you. Horro...

Jam Gold Miner

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Imagine that you are a miner. You only need to rely on your own efforts to get a lot of wealth! Choose the right time to control the mining machine to win gold from the mice! It is worth mentioning that mice with scis...

Idle Miners

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Try to rescue your father by mining the mine. Update your machine and hire more miners to work for you by acquiring more coins. There are two levels to play. Have great fun! Use the mouse to play.

Gold Miner Jack

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Jack knowing that the miners had gold, Jack decides to become a gold digger. But he doesn't know how to do the job. Can you help him? You should help him aim for gold and avoid stones and other things. Have fun with G...

Miner Jump

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Oops, this miner fall down to the very end of the mine, he needs to goes up, please help him avoid touching the snails or Rockman and jump up, there will be bombs on your way up, touch it can bring explosion to every ...