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Ranger Vs Zombies

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The Ranger is out with a mission. Zombies are the target. Help the Ranger shoot the zombies by timing his shots and jumps. Beware, the zombies are on the land and also in the air. They won't die with just one bullet. ...

Monsters’ Wheels Special

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Drive your huge and powerful car on various trucks. Go over hills, precipices and jump over different obstacles. Participate in races against strong opponents and very powerful cars. Ram your opponents and crush them ...

Mighty Tower

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Aquí viene la última Torre escalada desafío para todos los fans de juegos de 2 jugadores! Desafíe a su mejor amigo en uno en una plataforma de salto, Pared corredera y Torre escalada torneo. Dominar sus habilidades de...

Firefox and Icefox

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Inspirado sobre todo por la serie de juegos conocida como FireBoy and WaterGirl, aquí viene un remake épico que se presenta como Firefox y Icefox! En este juego de aventuras de 2 jugadores nuevos, su trabajo es guiar ...