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Save The Future

This is the game I worked for GAMEE+SCIRRA contest. I'm releasing it here in the same day it gets submitted there. (Actually few minutes earlier for scirra arcade, but who cares)Not sure what place this game deserved, but I care more that this is my first game for a long time and very out of my character to make such small things! So i'm very interested to know what you guys think. Your opinions worth x10000000 xboxes & switches altogether for me anyway and it will also increase my motivation for secret main project. I wouldn't say game is 100% finished. I'm the person who likes to update his projects 10 times after release improving the content and very much here's missing one important thing for any good game - BOSSES. I want to make dozens of these or maybe just one good random system for them (Random look & separately behaviors of bosses. Might be awesome & challenging for players)#STF @GameeApp

It's full LMB / Touch control so nothing difficult here. However mechanic itself might be confusing. I really wanted to write you HOW TO STF manual, but I think it would be unfair. The main idea was to make simple, but detailed game. In order to master it you'll have to find out what these details are and how to work around them. Like in old time games there wasn't 9999 paged tutorial.

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