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Princess Peach: Yeah! I Got Mana (Now)! [TD 2 – AP 2 – P1]

Note: No Nintendo content in this demo belongs to us, all Nintendo property and credit belongs to Nintendo themselves. Also, credit to anyone who sees the use of their own artwork being used by us. Thank you. <3Note to Dan0Randan and for anyone who may have noticed the lack of fullscreen in browser: That feature's now implemented! Thanks for the suggestion, Dan!Ladies and Gentlenintens! The moment you've all been waiting for... for Princess Peach and her franchise:Magic! Mana!Yep, that's right; one of the core features of Princess Peach have finally been implemented! This makes the franchise Mario, but with a Mana bar. There are only two abilities in this demo: Fire and PetalLight (not finalized); try each one for yourself to see what happens. Also, in future tech demos, Peach can acquire Super Crystals (or Magic Crystals) to refill her Mana bar; she will need them if she is to succeed in her quests.

As with the last demo:Left: Left ArrowRight: Right ArrowJump: Up ArrowQ: Fire MagicE: PetalLight MagicAnd of course, what y'all wanted, F: Fullscreen or WindowedYou can only use Magic abilities when there is some charge in your Mana gauge. You cannot use any abilities at all when it reaches 0 and while it's under 5.There are also some cheats in the demo; try them out for yourself and see what happens.Spacebar: Fill ManaControl: Empty ManaR: Restart Level (Tech. Demo)Goombas, while will not hurt or kill you in this demo, simply push you back. You can defeat them by stomping on them or throwing fireballs at them.Also, I wonder what would happen if I fell too far, especially if I disabled PetalLight in midair...?And as stated before, although (at least this one now) not labeled as a Work-In-Progress, this is not technically a true game and is actually a demo, so it is not for full user immersion. Hence why it is in Other Games. Thanks!

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