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Princess Peach: Gas Attack! (Tech Demo 6 – AP 3)

Note: We do not own any of the property owned by Nintendo or other third-parties, including those who made the custom sprites and tiles (hence why it may seem as "falsely" listed as respecting copyright). All IP belongs to Nintendo and third-parties, and we give credit to anyone viewing this game for whom we've used their content from.(Expect the Princess Peach Spin Jump, for whom we made ourselves.)You know, it's not just all magic and furniture, you know. There are other things to explore, like gas furnaces!Yep, just when you thought you've seen enough of Mario - a whole new world opens up for you, and the first thing to experience here is... gas furnaces!...But how are we supposed to explore this deep, Dark basement any further than that small bonus/storage area...? Are we stuck?Oh, wait, I hear gas leaking... I wonder what I could do with that? ...

Instruction Footnote: The image shown here is not the final - a new one will be uploaded sooner or later.If you're just starting out on Mario, or gaming in general, for that matter, chances are you won't even need these instructions at all. The game will give you an idea of what to do based on its layout and Princess Peach's position relative to the screen. Good luck! <3As always:Right Arrow: RightLeft Arrow: LeftUp Arrow: JumpQ: Fire Magic (Throw Fireball)F: Fullscreen / WindowedR: Reset LevelCheats:Spacebar: Full ManaCtrl: Empty ManaAlso, there's a new ability: Spin Jump, with custom sprites and all. <3:Z: Spin JumpOh, and by the way, I've heard something about this particular house that entering that basement after finding a mark of the beast on your keyboard produces a... well, "familiar" result.

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