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You're about to take the journey of a lifetime into the life of a crab! Scurry up and down the beach snatching vittles as they wash ashore, all the while being ever vigilant to dodge the unforgiving tides! In this action-packed survival game, you will face many trials as you dart between the safety of your hole and the treasure trove of sustenance upon the sand.- Unlock over 25 unique character skins! Play as a turtle, shorebird, and more!- Battle your way through ferocious boss fights!- Compare high scores against friends and family to see who is the best!- Encounter mysterious forces from the depths of the ocean!- Enjoy an immersive soundtrack while you play!- Simple and easy-to-learn, yet a true challenge to master!

Tap to go towards the water, release to go back

Categoría: ACCION


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