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Application template with plugins

It's not a game. It's just a template for an application with texts informations, links and some special plugins.Plugins included : - Phone camera capture. (photo or video) - Microphone plugin (recording sound only) - Phone dial (to compose a phone number directly by the app)Others stuffs included : - Browser with internet links examples. - Save system included and already programmed (to save the name, the sex and the language). - Insert your name and the system will memorize it. - 2 languages already included (texts in french and in english)Code very easy to understand with explanations on each lines of the template.Enjoy !

There is an example of simple menu with pages to navigate. Also, at the beginning, we can choose our language, sex, and insert our name. The system keep that in memory to the next connexion to the app. Or you can reset your profile any time.

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