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Mission Impossible – Save The Hostages!

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The Goblin bank has been attacked. Evil bank robbers have taken hostages and threatens to blow them up. Your mission, should you accept it, is to free the hostages. But be extremely careful...W A S D to walk, Spacebar...

Ninja Hero Runner

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In this game, as a ninja, you need to complete the dungeon testing. The testing mission is very simple that you just test whether you can survive as long as possible and collect coins and avoid obstacles. Have fun!Use...

Rescue Innocent Man

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An innocent man is arrested by police because of he is a suspect. In fact he is innocent so you have to rescue an innocent man from prison. You can solve some interesting puzzles and get some clues to help him. Click ...

Goblin Killer

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Your village has been plundered by goblins. So you can control a hero try and save the villager and eliminate the goblin threat. In the game, you encounter different types of goblins, some are easy to kill while other...

Player Killers’ Exchange

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Player Killers' Exchange is retro dungeon-like game. You are playing a skeleton guy, who would kill orcs and lizard as many as you can to get equipment and blood supply. You need to defeat your opponents to win the fi...